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Welcome to 265article.com

Hi! My name is Galih, I’m using a nickname as “Galih265”. I am the main author of this website at the moment. I like to learn something new, especially foreign language and computer stuff. The internet is my passion since I bought my very own PC in 2011. Now I challenge myself to turn that passion into a thriving business, and blogging comes at the end of my choice.

Growing up in a small village in Central Java, Indonesia did not make me get left behind about what is going on in the world, thanks to the internet. And my experience when I worked in Japan in 2014, as a trainee in a technical training program, really open my eyes that the world is so many have potential. Especially in this era of information technology. And I will make this site as a place to sharing what I know and what you need, with reliable sources.

I am being obsessed with healthy living and well-being lifestyle at the moment. And I do believe in good eating habit, eating fresh, natural, and exercises to achieve a higher quality of life. Being grown up in the village makes me know a handful of natural foods, herbs and the benefits that come along with.

Why this site named “265article.com”?

Well, there is nothing really special about the site name, it was just popped out when I decided to make a blog which of course contains articles, and the number 265 is my birthday which is May 26th.  And I often used “265” in other nicknames too.

I will try my best to deliver informative and quality content for the internet community. I know that I’m just a newly growing sprout, so I’m hoping a good and developing feedback from you. Thanks and happy blogging!