Before Wisdom Teeth Removal Instructions You Don’t Want to Miss

Before wisdom teeth removal instructions

Abnormal grown-out wisdom teeth can affect the jaw health if it is not removed. Take a look at the pre-OP before wisdom teeth removal instructions.

A wisdom tooth can stay in the jaw for a whole lifetime, others grow already in their teens and some of them are not created at all. On the other hand, they are often the cause of pain, inflammation or displacement of the other teeth, if misalignment happened.

In order to avoid problems with the wisdom teeth, an oral surgeon or dentist should be consulted early on before inflammation occurs or when teeth move through and making pressure to the teeth lining.

Before wisdom teeth removal instructions impacted teeth

The procedure may perform in the office by a regular dentist. However, if your tooth is impacted whether in the gum or in the bone,  then it requires an in-depth surgical approach when doing an extraction. In this case, the oral surgeon takes the responsibility.

The surgical procedure needs to making the extraction site numb with local anesthetic and your surgeon may suggest a sedation. It is required to allow you to feel more comfortable during the process.

Because you have to go under anesthesia if you have impacted teeth, then the pre-surgical recommendation or before wisdom teeth removal instructions to know is important.

You don’t have to worry about the word “surgery” because this is performed as an outpatient procedure. Actually, you can go home on the same day after removal.

Pre-surgical instructions 

1. Appointment

  • Tell them if you have other illness or if you are being pregnant. Other illness could lead to another complication.
  • Make sure the day and what time you have to arrive at the dental clinic after making an appointment.
  • Make an arrangement for someone to drive you home. You are not allowed to drive after getting anesthesia.

2. What allowed and what not

  • You do not allow to drink water or eat for at least 6 hours before wisdom teeth removal. Ask the dentist or the oral surgeon when you should begin fasting.
  • Smoking must be avoided and stop completely within a day before and a week after the surgery.
  • Alcoholic drink is prohibited and the same rules apply to the smoking prohibition. Alcohol makes the healing process prolonged.
  • Take prescription medications as directed prior to appointment if it is allowed by the dentist or oral surgeon before the surgery.

3. What to prepare for wisdom teeth removal at the dental clinic

  • Wear a comfortable loose fitting clothing or short-sleeved shirt, in order to measure your blood pressure easily.
  • Wear shoes like sneakers and don’t wear high-heels.
  • Remove contact lenses, watches, and jewelry.
  • Do not apply perfume and make-up.
  • Clean your hands, clip your fingernails and don’t apply nail polish.
  • Do not forget to brush your teeth before getting oral surgery.

4. Preparing wisdom teeth aftercare at home

One thing to note that the financial plan is also important, especially when taking a dental service without having an insurance.


The thought of any surgical procedure can be fearsome. But actually, it has to be a pleasant and comfortable experience. After knowing the wisdom teeth removal instructions before the procedure, hopefully, you will not lengthen the oral surgery recovery time.