Exercises to Avoid With Lower Back Pain to Alleviate the Risk

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To maintain the body fitness, we need to keep exercising. But for some people with lower back pain, there are exercises to avoid to minimize the risk of getting injured.

Lower back pain basically caused by physical activity and injury in a muscle and or spine. Commonly, cases such as improper lifting heavy objects, lack of regular exercise, bad posture, accident, or a disease were reported.

Mostly, the lower back pain goes away in a couple days with enough resting and doesn’t need a medical attention. For extreme cases, however, it may.

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While working, we require either steady position or heavy movement for a constant and a long period of time. Thus make the risk of getting low back pain is increased. Moreover, aging is one of the other factors that could increase the risk as well.

With the help of good diet and high nutrition foods, the body could boost their self-repair mechanism to the damaged tissues.

What is the best way to accommodate the back pain problem?

The best way to prevent the problem is to do a back exercise at home. It more affordable, you can do whenever you have a free time. Workout plan you can do is like stretches and exercise for lower back pain relief. With the proper schedule, you can get the benefit in a couple weeks.

Is it safe to workout with lower back pain?

Sure it is. But there is an important point to know here. For people who already have an acute problem, there are several types of lower back pain exercises to avoid, in order to not getting injured and get more damage to muscle tissues.

You should avoid exercise such as:

1. High impact workout

If you feel like more than mild pain on your back, the first exercise you should avoid is high impact workout. These types require heavy movement such as running, jogging and jumping. Other workouts like high impact aerobic where the body is frequently making contact at a faster rate with the ground, are not recommended too.

2. Strengthening core or abdominal muscles

Workout like sit-ups, crunches, and leg lifts are also good for building core muscles. But for people with back pain, putting too much stress on core muscles will make the pain getting worse.

3. Standing toe touch

Although stretching is good, putting extra stress on your spine and lower back disks by doing toe touch can aggravate the pain.

4. Weightlifting

Doing heavy-weight lifting like overhead shoulder press could make your spine work harder. The spine gets compressed by the weight and affected the painful muscles.

Is there any alternate workout for people with lower back pain?

Okay so, we all agree that moving is good. Therefore, there are several alternatives to do exercise without putting too much stress on your spine, apart from what should you avoid from the list above.

Do workout like walking instead of high impact ones such as running or jogging. Low impact aerobics is a great choice too as a substitute.

Instead of doing the leg lift, you can try hip rise or bridging. Lower back flexion stretch is good as the alternative to sit-ups and crunches. Plank position and press up back extension have minimal pressure on the spine and lower back than the toe touch did.

What other tips to make your back to stay fit?

Well, maintain a proper position when sitting on a chair, or lifting a heavy object properly is the simplest things you can try in your work environment. Keep your body move, as it will make your brain to stay active and also good for your bones and joints. Boost your productivity with a healthy and active body.

Avoid slouching when sitting or walking. It could make your spine to change shape in an abnormal form as we age.

I hope this guide could give knowledge and benefits to you, and the purpose of doing exercise and stretches is to increase our quality of life. Therefore, knowing about exercises to avoid with lower back pain to alleviate the risk is important.