Feet Sweat when Cold: Your Body Wants to Tell You Something

Feet sweat when cold hyperhidrosis

Having your feet sweat when cold is an unpleasant feeling. Sometimes it getting worse if your palms get that too.

Feet sweat when cold could indicate a problem in the body. Sweating is a normal reaction in the human body when there is a temperature increase or after doing physical activity. However, unlike the case of normal sweating, excessive sweats when cold in feet, palm, and armpit is not a good sign.

What causes of your feet sweat when cold?

Not only feet but also other body parts that have a cold sweat can be triggered by multiple conditions. Cold sweat is often associated with human nature instinct of fear. The in-depth explanation of the causes are:

1. Natural body response

The human body has an instinctive response to fear. This happens when the body encountered a condition that force it to run away. In this case, you might have a shock or think something that you fear about it.

2. Stress

Stress or anxiety could be the causes of sweaty feet. Whether it caused by overwhelming works, school, the night before a speech or relationship problems.

3. Plantar hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition when there is an excessive amount of sweat or perspiration in the palm (palmar hyperhidrosis), armpit (axillary hyperhidrosis) and feet (plantar hyperhidrosis).

Plantar hyperhidrosis affects both feet in the same way. The sweating amount can range from mild sweating to severe constant sweating. Amazingly, feet sweating when cold stops when asleep.

As a matter of fact, people often associated cold sweat with a night sweat. But actually, it is a different condition.
The causes of plantar hyperhidrosis are still undetermined.

Although this may be true that obesity, stress, genetic influence, and increased thyroid function may be responsible in most cases.

4. Lack of oxygen supply (hypoxia)

In addition, cold sweat can also be caused by a lack of oxygen or blood supply in the body.

5. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

In case your blood sugar drops below normal levels, your body reacts to it similarly to a hypoxia.

6. First sign of heart attack

Feet sweat when cold can be one of the first signs of a heart attack. If the sweating accompanied by symptoms such as difficulty breathing, squeezing, bloating and pain, see a doctor immediately. In other cases, unexplained back pain and fainted sensation may occur.


What treatment for cold sweaty feet?

Depends on the causes, several treatments can be used. By drinking plenty of water during the day can keep you hydrated.

Try to take a deep breath and meditate if you are getting stress. Also, getting regular exercise and avoiding smoking or drinking excessive alcohol. Eating or drinking sugary foods and beverages. This can also help restore your blood sugar in an immediate of time.

Treatment including medication such as prescription antiperspirants, antidepressants, and Botox injections should be with medical advice.

When to see a doctor?

Cold sweat in feet, palm and armpit sometimes accompanied by symptoms that show signs of an emergency. If the symptoms are generally perceived such as pale skin, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, see a doctor immediately.


Although sweating is a normal condition as body try to balance the temperature, having your feet sweat when cold could indicate some problems.

You can do home remedies as long as the sweating process is due to stress or non-disease causes. On the condition that excessive perspiration followed by emergence symptoms in the chest or back, is the first sign of heart attack. Contact your doctor or nearest hospital immediately if there are life-threatening symptoms.