Get Rid of a Toothache at Night (ASAP)

How to get rid of toothache ASAP -

Have you ever had an intense toothache at night? The time you should be used to sleep becomes useless. Read through to get rid of a toothache at night ASAP.

If you are asking “is there any ways to get rid of a toothache at night fast?” The answer is, yes. This is one annoying thing, really, either it when doing the activity, or at night. A toothache sometimes disappears, and suddenly reappear due to the condition of the teeth that are already damaged.

But the most annoying problem is when a toothache occurs only at night and when you lie down.


Before we headed to the topic of how to deal with a toothache at night, we should know in advance about the causes. In order to make the treatment can match with your condition.

How to get rid of a toothache at night ASAP?

If it’s late night and can’t seek for a dentist, there are several ways to ease the pain.

  • Brush gently, or floss, and then wash your mouth slowly with just water.

This will expel a portion of the leftover foods that may cause the pain.

  • Wash your mouth with warm salty water.

If washing with cold water didn’t give a better result, then mix a glass of warm water and a tablespoon of salt.

This is helpful for sore or contaminated gums as the salty high-temperature water will execute off the microorganisms and make the pain a little bit relieved.

  • Compress with ice.

Gently compress with an icy towel or ice cube it to the pain on jawline from outside of the mouth. Keep it still at least 10-15 minutes. This will acts as an instant pain relief for a toothache at night.

  • Use garlic. 

For perforated and hollowed teeth, take the garlic. Mash until smooth and then apply slowly and put in the hole of the teeth.

Do about 8 to 10 minutes in the morning, after the night, or before and wake up from sleep. You can do it after brushing your teeth. After finished treating cavities, wash the mouth with clean water or use mouthwash in order to get rid of the plaque and tartar.

The function of a garlic is to act as an antiseptic and antibiotic that kills the bacteria on the teeth and proved to be able to heal the pain that raises because of cavities.

  • Clove oil

Do you have clove oil in your house? Clove oil can help in easing toothache that strikes during the night.

Apply few drops of clove oil on the gums or plunge a cotton ball in clove oil and put it on the aching tooth. It would numb the tooth and can help to mitigate the pain and at least you can rest without feeling it.

Clove oil has an analgesic (pain reliever) property in it, and when applied, it will make a spicy sensation in your mouth.

Buy clove oil and store it in an emergency kit in your home. It is good for fast pain reliever and anti-inflammation.

  • Sleep position

Lay down with head in a lifted position by using 2 or 3 pillows to prop your body, neck and head up to keep your upper-body elevated so the blood isn’t causing additional pressure on the teeth nerves.


What are the most common causes and reasons of a toothache?

1. Early cavities in the teeth

This is because you often forget or lazy brushing your teeth. If there are leftovers that slips between the teeth, eventually it will go through the process of decay.

This decay process which resulted in the emergence of bacteria that make teeth email eroded because of acid, and then the nerve finally opened on the teeth, so it will feel pain.

2. Perforated teeth

Love eating sweet foods? Make sure you don’t lazy or forget to brush your teeth. The occurrence of the newly cavities often doesn’t realize and if this left for too long will cause a bigger hole.

Foods that contain sugar are very easy to decompose and produce the microorganisms which are damaging because it secretes acid that can erode teeth email so it can hollow out teeth to open the nerves.

3. Broken teeth

This can occur due to accidents or bumps into hard objects. The extent of damage could be minor to major damaged.

If the damage could open up to the nerve of the tooth, will cause tremendous pain when eating food. A tooth that decays due to broken can cause other problems such as bleeding gums.

4. Teeth covered tartar (calculus) and plaque

The cause is rarely eating vegetables and fruits. Food scraps that stuck to the teeth enamel layer and turned into the microorganisms.

Actually, the vitamins and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables may protect the teeth from the appearance of plaques or tartar by killing micro-organisms that cause the plaque.

5. Nerves inflammation

This is because there are sharp or blunt objects that go on gums and injure the nerve tissue of the teeth. These events can cause inflammation.

If left unchecked this could lead to all parts of the teeth will feel pain and lead to a headache at the later stage.

Frequently asked, “why my teeth feel sensitive?“. This dental problem is one of the annoying things you don’t want to experience too.

What causes the pain gets worse at night?

If you haven’t brushed your teeth after your dinner, there is a potential risk of hurts to your teeth or gums, because there are some leftover foods still be stuck in between them.

When doing activities during the day, the toothache might already be started, and the brain just ignores it.

Why do we feel toothache pain getting worse before sleep?

Another explanation and the most scientific reason why you get a toothache that hurts badly at night before sleep are when you set down on a level on your bed, the blood moves more quickly to your head.

The result in this manner could apply more blood pressure on the already aching tooth.

It will trigger the nerve and at the point when the head is set lower than the body, the blood will be more circulating around there.

Besides, some people may encounter mild-toothache amid the day since they might be busy doing daily activities, works, or other things that the brain is focused.

This can influence the brain to disregard a toothache. On invert, during the night, people are more have a free time and isn’t focused on other work, this makes a toothache can be felt more strongly.



One thing to note, that these are just some short-term tips to temporarily easing the pain that raises from a toothache at night.

Do this to the point that you can get an appointment to seek the dentist.

None of these things recommended to work over for the long haul. The more you hold up and wait, the more awful it is probably your pain is going to get. Foods that contain anti-inflammation agent is recommended to at least make the pain not to get worse.

Actually, get rid of a toothache at night isn’t an issue that you can simply overlook or cure completely by yourself, therefore I suggest you seek the dentist if a toothache lasts longer than 2 days. It is likely to only get worse and the pain strikes back if you wait and left it for longer.