Gummy Smile and Why You Want it to be Fixed

Gummy smile and why you want it to be fixed

Many people doing a facial correction to lift their cheekbone or make a correction in the nose. Yet, they seem to be forgetting about the most precious facial expression which is their smile. So, doing a gummy smile fixing treatment is one of the ways.

First of all, by asking why you want to fix an excessive gumminess smile, I’m sure that the reason is the self-confidence. Almost all of the people suffer from embarrassment and somehow lowering their self-esteem.

We agree that our smile is the first thing that you want to giving more attention. Especially if you do care and living your world in the workplace that prioritizes the aesthetics side. Unfortunately, we do plastic surgery on a part of the wrong area which is off point from the main goal.

People still thinking that the gummy smile correction is impossible, but actually, it is not. Before we going deep into it, let’s talk about excessive gingival display origin and how it can be treated.

What is a gummy smile?

It is known as a condition on the teeth when there is too much gum tissue shows above the teeth while smiling. Medically named as an excessive gingival display.

This occurs when a larger amount of gum tissue has a disproportionate compared to the teeth ratio. Apart from that, a gummy smile is a normal and common dental condition. It is just a variation of human anatomy.

What causes an excessive gingival display?

There are several theories about how the teeth forming a gummy smile. Although it is a normal variation of human anatomies, like in wisdom teeth cases, it caused by an abnormal growth of a particular structure.

  • An overactive upper lip

When at rest, the upper lip is in normal length. But it rises higher when smiling.

  • Vertical maxillary excess

Which is a condition when there is an overgrowth jaw bone.

  • Abnormal eruption of the teeth

Teeth may have grown to a proper length but they covered by gum and appear short.

  • Excessive overgrowth of gum tissue

Known as hyperplasia or gingival enlargement.

How to fix a Gummy Smile video explanation from Dr. Nemeth.

When do you need to fix a gummy smile?

It is up to you when you decide to fix the excessive gum smile. Make a plan whether it is needed or not. Because it sometimes requires a surgical procedure, cost, and recovery time.

Is it really important?

Yes, but actually the answer is it depends. When you do more care about a nice and aesthetic looking smile, then go on. Sometimes you just do not really concern about fixing a gummy smile, because it looks more natural.

If you asking who are the famous people with a gummy smile, sure there are a lot of them. The Beauty Insiders made a list of celebrities who have a gummy smile. They are Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and Kate Beckinsale.

How can a gummy smile be fixed?

The appropriate gummy smile correction or treatment depends on what is behind it. These include such as:

  • Orthodontic treatment

If the reason for excessive gum display is due to the teeth, most cases can be treated with orthodontic treatment. Braces and temporary anchorage devices implanted into the bone above the teeth to prevent irregular movement.

  • Crown Lengthening

The method which is removing excessive gum tissue, and modifying the teeth is preferable. The veneers or synthetic teeth crowns can make the teeth appear longer. Having said that, it will improve the tooth and gum ratio.

  • Jaw surgery

In cases when there is severe jaw misalignment, jaw surgery may be needed combined with orthodontic treatment. This is needed when the cause of a gummy smile is from vertical maxillary excess or long mid-face syndrome.

The surgeon will re-shaping the jaw in order to make the ideal proportion. The surgery result aims to make the correct bite position and make the gums covered with upper lips.

  • Botox

Surprisingly, Botox is the most inexpensive gummy smile treatment option available recently. Why? Because it doesn’t require surgery and cost approximately $350 – $500.

This method succeeds by injecting botox to upper lip to maintain desirable correction. Although Botox is temporary and wears out after a few months, the non-surgical treatment still a choice.

  • Gum sculpting

Gum sculpting is the method of reshaping by trim the excessive gums. For simple soft tissue removal, trimming can be done with a laser or a scalpel.

Similarly to botox injection, the gum trimming has to be repeated after a few months. In several cases, surgical lifting of the gum may be needed if you want to remove more than 2 mm of the gum tissue.


Okay, so how much are the costs?

Well, the cost may range from $350 for a Botox upper lip injection and more than a $1200 for a gum sculpting. The price will eventually go higher than $3000 if you do orthodontic treatment.

The most expensive ones and have lengthy process are jaw repositioning surgery. A vertical maxillary excess surgery cost range starts from $6000 to $12000. For the reason that the costly prices, the jaw surgery have a permanent effect.


A gummy smile is common and natural human anatomy. Technology helps to make a dramatic change to the aesthetic side of your smile. Still, it requires a little bit of consideration, off-work time for recovery, and financial plan.

The excessive gingival display has several causes. The treatment and the cost depend on the difficulties and the results. Jaw repositioning surgery has long-term effects, and Botox injection is a cheapest among others.

The reasons for why you want a fix is a beautiful smile and boost your self-esteem. Go ahead, contact your dentist and they will recommend a medical advice and periodontist appointment to do the job for a gummy smile fix procedure.