Don’t Miss the Tips about How to Unlock a Locked Knee

how to unlock a locked knee

Having a locked knee can actually make you panic as you cannot straightening or even bending your lower leg. This can be cured as long as you know how to unlock a locked knee properly.

Knee locking is a condition when your joint locked up in one position and could not straighten or it already locked in a bent position. The same goes for another joint as well, such as jaw locking. Although it has different causes, and symptoms, but the effects are nearly identical.

What is the treatment and how to unlock a locked knee?

  • The first thing you need to do is resting. If in an open area, sit down by leaning against something and make your legs free of pressure
  • If there is a table or tall-chair, then you can sit there and leave your lower legs hanging, as this will release the pressure, and make some space on the kneecap
  • Get the ice pack or wet icy towel to compress the knee joint. Do this while hanging your lower legs about an hour
  • Knee locking usually followed up by tightness in the thigh muscles. Apply massages with your fingers along the contracted muscles
  • Do not sit while lower legs hanging for too long. If the cold compress is done, then rest in bed by elevating your locked knees
  • After all the first aid treatment is done, contact the doctor if you still cannot move your knee freely

So what causes the knee to form a locked position?

When the knee stuck into a certain position following by pain, swelling or inflammation, usually it because these several conditions which are:

  • Meniscus Tear

The meniscus is a layer which acts as a cushion on your knees. It purposed to balance and distribute your body weight across the joint.

A tear of the meniscus can prevent your knee movement. The causes of meniscus torn usually by turning or twisting your joint quickly. Lifting heavy objects and play sports can be the factors as well. The meniscus also gets worn as we ages, thus makes it torn more easily.

In case the tear parts from the meniscus move into space between the joint, this can make your knee to lock up. You may not be able to bend or straighten as normal without pain. The following condition such as swelling, stiffness, and wobbly sensation may feel.

  • Inflammation

Joint inflammation such as knee osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis might be the cause behind it. If the inflammation comes with swelling and stiffness, it restricts the movement in the kneecap and resulting in a locked knee.

  • Injury

Hard blows directly to the knee that comes when doing sport or accident can damage the structure of the kneecap. It induced muscles cramp and ligament sprain that limiting movement of your knee.


The early treatment you need to do about how to unlock a locked knee is simple. First is rest, then sit in a tall seat, compress with ice, and lie down while elevating the knees. The causes mainly come from meniscus problems, inflammation, and injury. Immediately see a doctor to get further medical attention if there are no better results after self-treatment.