Insanely Easy Lower Back Pain Stretches after Work

Lower back pain stretches after work - image source Google

Having a pain sensation in your back could dramatically lower your productivity. Take a look at these “lower back pain stretches” after work.

Inability to move freely is one of the bad mood-factors that eventually hit every worker that demand a quick action. Even for people who work by sit behind the desk, having a healthy back condition is the key to sustain daily activity.

There are so many tips and exercises to do. Usually, resting for a day or two could alleviate the pain sensation because your body has a self-healing mechanism. The body will repair damaged and strained muscle tissues with the help of nutritious diet.

Before we do the lower back pain stretches after work, we must know the stage of back problems, in order to suit our condition appropriately.

For acute back pain (feel like a stabbing sensation even just for standing up), seeking a medical attention is should be the first you need to do to get proper treatment. The stretching and exercise method is useful for people who have their pain-level still tolerable, and have the ability to do a daily activity.

The stretches and exercises are used for maintaining the back’s strength, keep you stay fit, and relieving minor muscles tiredness due to work.

Although the stretches are good, not every move are suitable for a certain condition. Avoid heavy stretching like toe-touch if you feel more than mild pain from the start. The stretches should be painless. However, you still feel the muscle’s contraction and strengthen, which is normal, and then after you release, you would feel fresh and more flexible.

Common stretches types you can do before or after work.

Here I summarized 5 types of stretches you can do at home. Actually, you can do this routine whenever you want according to your free time. Usually, do exercise from 6 pm – 7 pm. This pattern should be no more than 6 minutes and you can do as a warm-up stretch before do your daily exercise routine.

  • Lower back flexion-stretch
Lower back pain stretches after work - source Google
Back flexion stretch – source Google

Lie on your back, bend your knees to the chest and hold with your hands. Feel the contraction of low back muscles. Hold at least 30 seconds.

  • Bridging hip rise
Lower back pain stretches after work - image source Google
Bridging hip rise – source Google

Still lying on your back position, bend your knees and place your heels to sustain the body, then lift the body until your hips, buttocks, stomach, and chest made a straight line. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

  • Press-up back extension
Lower back pain stretches after work - image source Google
Press up back extension – source Google

Now lie flat on your stomach, place your arms beside your chest like in push-up position, then lift your body with your hands straight upright until your elbow locked. Keep your legs straight on the floor and hold for 10 seconds.

  • Bird-dog back extension
Lower back pain stretches after work - image source Google
Bird dog stretch – source Google

Start with a crawl position, lift one leg and extend until the hips level to the back while lifting the opposite side of your hand. Keep and feel the muscle in your stomach strengthen, hold for at least 6-10 seconds.

  • Wall Sit
Lower back pain stretches after work - image source Google
Wall sit – source Google

Now stand up and lean on the wall, slide down slowly while pressing your back and lower back flat against the wall. Bend your knees until your hips close to level. You can use your hands for balancing your body. Hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat each sets 3-4 times before moving to another position for a better result.

Make these lower back pain stretches after work as a routine and realizes that with just 6 – 10 minutes it will improve your fitness. Furthermore, common lower back pain should not get to be worried about (unless it came from injury).

I know that you’re in one step advanced by reading this and make a great leap by try doing it. For people who have their own daily exercise routine, sore muscles due to work is not a problem. But, for a busy worker, doing 6 – 10 minutes stretching and exercising is enough to keep the productivity well.

Hope this lower back pain stretches after work tips are suitable for you and could make an improvement in your quality of life. Stay active, and productive with a healthy spine.