Lower Back Pain (Lumbago) Risks and Therapy for Blogger

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Bad diet, lifestyle and work environment causing health risks for each person. Especially the one who work by sitting all day.

As the one who works by spending time sitting for a long time in a day, a health risk that occurs cannot be underestimated. Workers who neglecting a healthy lifestyle are often experienced symptoms such as back pain.

People who work in the office, such as IT persons, online marketer and blogger have more risk to suffer from lower back pain or medically named as “Lumbago”.


What is Lumbago?

Lumbago is the pain that is felt around the bone, between the lumbar discs, tissues, muscles, and nerves of the spine. It radiating to organs around the pelvis area and abdomen.

Moreover, you need to know that most people experience lower back pain due to their behavioral reasons. For example, a lifestyle that demands you sitting in a long time without balancing it with sufficient exercise. Lumbago also often occurs when lifting heavy items that exceed your strength.

There are several ways that can be done to ease the risks such as:

  • Sitting in the correct position. Sit with not too high or too bent over from the computer screen.
  • Adjust the height of the hands, head, and the computer to sit comfortably.

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  • Do the stretching to relax your body and you will ready to work again. Do this every 1 or 2 hours of sitting.
  • Choose a seat that could sustain your weight and your waist perfectly.
  • Pause each time before or after your work to do stretching every 20-30 minutes a day, at least 3 times a week.
  • Drink at least 6-7 glasses of water. (depends on a diet of 2.000 calories per day).
  • Eat calcium-rich food to keep your body to have strong bones. These foods such as milk, cheese, oatmeal, orange, salmon fish, spinach, are the best sources of calcium. Drink supplements if needed.
  • Sleep in a good position, you can sleep by side of the body or lay flat on your back. Do not sleep by laying on your belly. It put stress on your spine and make your lower back pain worse.
  • Apply ice cube, or iced towel on your back if the pain is unbearable.

I also wrote about Lumbago natural treatment nutrition foods for relieving back pain with daily nutrition intake.

Usually, the elderly have a greater percentage of lumbago and other back pain problems.

On the in-depth explanation, lower back pain can also be caused by spinal disc removal, or caused by changes in a bone structure like kyphosis/scoliosis or lordosis, spinal disc injuries, and spinal stenosis (spinal marrow suppression bones due to constriction of the channel for a nerve in the spine).

If this condition is already in a chronic state, then the best solution is to find a medical doctor, chiropractor, doctor of osteopathic medicine or neurology specialist. Briefly discuss this issue, so they can do a series of further examination.

Wrap it up, most of the lower back pain problems can be treated with non-surgical treatments. However, it could get worse if it didn’t treat properly. Before getting on the late stage such as surgery procedure, the best way is to resolve this by balancing your work, exercise, and healthy lifestyle.

I hope this guide about lower-back-pain risks and therapy for blogger could give a knowledge when working as a blogger or a person who sits behind the desk.