Middle Back Spasms and What You Can Do

Back spasms 265article - Image source Bauer Chiropractic
Back spasms - Image source Bauer Chiropractic

Having a great and healthy back is every people’s dream. But what can you do to keep it healthy and lowering the risk of getting muscle spasms?

Back spasms - Image source Bauer Chiropractic
Back spasms – Image source Bauer Chiropractic

Pain in the middle back is generally all uneasy sensation you feel in the area of the flanks such as the lower ribs on the back. These pains in the middle back are sometimes preventing us to do daily activities, and more patients come from different age, jobs, and their health background.

Usually, the cause is found by the quick or even lack of movement and comparatively long sitting at the desk are responsible for the back pain. In some cases, it is based on a simple spine deformation, which can arise, by a wrong posture when doing sport or exercise.

However, permanent pain in the middle back can also occur due to a misalignment or degeneration of the spine itself. But other organs dysfunctionalities can also be the cause of pain in the middle of your back.

What is actually a muscle spasm?

In the case of regular muscular spasm, individual muscle fibers are strongly interconnected. This leads to pain in the affected body part. While the case of runners, they usually occur in calves, thighs or toes.

How does muscle spasm develop?

If you untrained or train too much, you risk muscle spasm/cramp. Often encountered when swimming,  whoever is untrained in it would get a cramp usually in the abdominal area.

Scientifically, rapid muscular fatigue is considered as an explanation for muscular spasm due to the unaccustomed or unpractised strain. Even those who train with high intensities, yet unprepared in a certain condition, have a risk of muscle spasm as well.

So, what is the relation to back pain?

Spasms or cramps actually refer to the same condition which occurs by the irregular activity of the muscles that causes a sudden painful feeling. Because this condition could occur in a spinal muscular area, your back has the same risk to get a pain too.

Many people suffered back pain sometimes accompanied by muscle stiffness even when they are in a relaxed state and doesn’t work or doing something hard at all. This special case might need a further medical attention.

The causes of spasms in the middle back

Improperly lifting weight can affect the back in many ways and can easily lead to pain in the middle back. Especially when doing exercise or sports, the back muscles are often unconsciously doing contraction, as these are holding muscles to a stiff condition, and constantly active.

If you exaggerate while doing sport or if you try new exercises, there may be strains in the back muscles, which can lead to pain in the middle back. Another cause may be the tension of a certain muscle. Not to mention as the other cause of back pain is also obesity or overweight.

Diagnosis of middle back spasm

In case of pain in the middle back, a medical history, i.e. a doctor/patient interview, is usually carried out to determine whether the patient may have taken over or whether the pain is from a different origin.

Through the palpation, the doctor can determine whether a certain pain caused by the cramp in the muscle or a misalignment of the spine. Other diagnostic methods include an X-ray or a blood sample if an organic cause is suspected.

Further symptoms

In addition to the pain in the middle back, it is important to also perceive all other symptoms. However if there are concomitant symptoms such as fever, an inflammation can occur. Since pain in the middle back is very common and also can mean much, it is therefore important to observe the accompanying symptoms and to inform the Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or nearest medical doctors.

What therapy can you do?

The therapy for pain in the middle back naturally depends on the cause. If it is a muscle tension, the muscles can be loosened up by professional massages, back exercises or stretches after work.

Medication in topical ways or using ointment, balm, massage oil, or heat-patches are several methods to easing up the problem at home. Applying a package of ice cubes or icy towel as a cold compress is easy to do as well.

Mainly, whether it is middle, lower or upper back pain that caused by muscle spasms usually get away on itself with enough resting in just a couple days.

While scoliosis, often requires no therapy at all, as long as it does not lead to pain permanently. Though the scoliosis is very strong, one can first try to strengthen the back muscles with Physiotherapy and thus counteract scoliosis.

If the problem such as upper back pain between shoulder blades occur, it should be determined whether it is a muscular ailment or organic disease. If the signs of organic illness are found, then immediately consult the doctor for medical advice.

In children, one often waits and hopes that scoliosis will grow by allowing the children to wear a suitable corset that will straighten the spine.

However, if there are significant movement limitations and pains, a surgical procedure can help. In this case, titanium rods are attached to the vertebral bodies to force the spine to stand up.

While in a herniated disc, the pain usually disappears after a while, as the spine adapts to the new situation. Of course, you can consult to a chiropractor to make this healing work faster.

In case of doubt, however, an operation should also be considered. If the pain in the middle back is based on an organic cause, it must be treated primarily in order to avoid the worse back pain.


Middle back spasms common occurs when doing sudden spine movement, irregular and hard activity, bad postures when working, doing sports or improperly lifting a weight. This could lead to a pain in the middle back and often disappears on its own.

Thanks to good training and good physiotherapy, most people can be helped very well. Only in serious cases is an operation really necessary.

In addition, relaxation exercises and the gentle training of the back muscles are also great importance. Natural and high calcium foods consumption could increase the body to regenerate the damaging spine and muscles tissues.