The Top 3 Tooth Decay Treatments And Prevention You Should Know

tooth decay treatment and prevention

Hollowed-out teeth is a really annoying problem, isn’t it?

Especially for those of you who got the activity with a lot of speaking to crowds and the pain from cavities that you felt make you sick at the time.

Tooth decay is a common dental health problem that found especially in children. But as we grew older, bad eating habits and coupled with ignoring the importance of teeth health, could be a factor to the decaying process.

Treatments and prevention tooth decay

There are several reasons why our teeth going to develop cavities, but eating sweet food frequently and not brushing our teeth properly is the most common ones.

When there is leftover food in the mouth, the bacteria that lived in the mouth digest these sweet or starchy food scraps, and then the bacteria turn them into acids form. The acids then could be the factor of the plaques forming process which clings to the teeth.

The process doesn’t stop here, if the plaques destroy the tooth enamel, our teeth will get micro-cavities and can lead to a toothache or sensitive teeth. However, tooth decay can be easily prevented with proper brushing and good daily habits.

Below are 3 simple tooth decay treatments and preventions.

1. Reduce consumption of sweet foods

Who does not like sweet food? But it turns out that behind the sweetness it saved some of the health risks of teeth. Reduce consumption of sugary foods is the easiest to prevent cavities. Foods that contain sugar are easy to attach to the lining of the teeth. Glucose content in these foods can cause damage to tooth enamel and increase the risk of the occurrence of cavities.

2. Avoid sticky foods

Sticky foods such as chocolate, kernels, biscuits, cakes, and candies are sometimes often caught in between the teeth and hardly cleaned by saliva. It is potentially damaging to the tooth enamel and dentin which eventually stimulate the bacteria to grow and cause cavities.

We recommend that you do not forget to always wash out every time after finished eating foods that are sweet and sticky as well. And always brush your teeth before bed, because there are bacteria on the teeth usually does the decay process at the time when the mouth does not have activity.

3. Regularly brushing teeth

Brush your teeth regularly and in the right way can help to clean up the leftovers were left in the gap between the teeth. In General, brush your teeth twice a day that is at the time in the morning after breakfast and in the evening when before going to sleep. This is a simple yet extremely effective way of eliminating the remnants of food that could potentially cause plaques.

Additional treatments and prevention

In addition to the natural and simple tooth decay preventions above, you can also apply the following alternative way to address the problem of cavities.

  • Regularly checks to the dentist

When the teeth have often snagged by the food and lots of leftovers, then the plaques that developed in the teeth is getting hard to remove and cause cavities. So, immediately consult a doctor in order to get teeth scaling and don’t let it get worse.

  • Use a toothbrush to suit the shape and size of the teeth

The matching toothbrushes will be able to brush away the leftovers on the sidelines of the teeth perfectly. But if the size of the brush is too small or too big compared to the teeth and mouth, then much of the rest of the scraps is not perfectly cleaned.

  • Garlic

Garlic has antibiotic properties that are very beneficial to fight bacteria and for anti-inflammation.

Here’s how to use to combat cavities that caused a toothache with garlic:

Take a clove of garlic and then mash until it forms like a paste. Then add a bit of salt and mix evenly. Apply on the part of the tooth that hurts and have cavities. Repeat on a regular basis until a toothache from the decaying teeth slowly disappeared.

  • Lemons

This sour fruit has benefits as other natural ways that powerful enough to treat cavities. Use a drop of lemon water juice into the hole of the teeth. High vitamin C that contained in the juice can relieve the pain caused by cavities.

  • Clove oil

This one is so spicy taste. Drip the clove oil to a small cotton bud then apply directly to the tooth that hurts. Clove oil contains antioxidants that useful to relieves pain cavities. Besides, it has anti-inflammatory agents, anti-bacterial and anesthetic properties of toothache pain.

  • Patching and remove the teeth

A dental filling is an option that should do so other holes in teeth not getting bigger. If the holes are too large and do not allow to do patching, then the last way is to unplug the teeth. Only do the removal of the broken teeth by consulting to a dentist. It is not recommended to do it by yourself.

The pain from tooth decay might rise and strike badly at night. Do not let our teeth broken and disturbing our activities and bedtime just because we’re lazy to taking care of dental health.