What Beverages Can You Drink On the Paleo Diet?

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Okay so, everyone wants to look great. By practicing a Paleo diet is a good choice. But, what actually beverages that you can drink without ruining your hard work?

Why Paleo diet? Because this is a type of diet that sustainable, and it is a natural nutritional change that leads to better health, the right body weight, and more wellbeing in the long term. Or we can put it in a simple way that the Paleo diet is better suited to humans than conventional civilizational food, even since the Stone age.

What does a Paleo diet consist of?

The Paleo diet based on nutritional style practiced by our ancestors. These include eating anything that you could hunt, gather or grow. Well, it is 2017, so we are not doing exactly as our ancestor did, but only the selection of the foods.

You can eat lean meats, freshwater or saltwater fish, vegetables such as lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, and spinach. Seeds and nuts also included. However, you are prohibited to eat processed foods, grains, cereals and sugary foods.

The Stone age diet commonly using energy from the food source that rich in healthy amounts of fats, vitamins and other nutrients with optimal amounts of protein, fats, and a moderate amount of carbohydrates.

What to drink on the Paleo diet?

Because sugar is prohibited, there are several types of liquid sources on Paleo diet besides water you can drink freely while keeping your diet plan progress, such as:

  • Water

This is not surprising and very obvious because ancient people only drink with pure water because that was all they had available to them at that time. The Paleo diet is not really that strict, instead, you can drink small amounts of other Paleo-allowed beverages. But make sure that the majority of your liquid consumption comes from plain water as it does not contain any calories and additives.

  • Infused water or flavored water

If the plain water didn’t enough to quenches your thirst, then by adding a flavor from several fruits or herbs should be the solution. The trick is simple, just mix water and add some flavor of sliced lemon, cucumber, strawberry or mint leaf.

  • Coconut water

Can you drink coconut water on Paleo diet? It is a big yes. This kind of beverage is naturally refreshing. The coconut water has a sweet and a little bit of soda taste. The water itself contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sucrose, and rich of electrolytes.

Need to be distinguished with high-fat coconut milk (the white liquid extracted from coconut meat) or the coconut oil. The color is a clear liquid with a fresh sensation and usually from young and green coconuts.

  • Coffee and herbal tea

See, this type of diet does not heavily restricted. You can drink herbal tea every moment you like on your Paleo diet. The variation of teas such as ginger tea, lemon tea, plain green tea or additional peppermint flavor.

As long as the tea is low-caffeine and you do not add any sugar to it. Along with tea, there is still debatable about caffeine that contains some kind of coffees. But, many Paleo diet proponents drink decaffeinated coffee as they are still in translation into the diet. And recommended drinking no more than one cup in a day.

  • Wine and alcohol

Paleo diet and alcohol? Really? Though it is suggested not to consume large amounts of the alcoholic beverage on the Paleo Diet, moderate amounts of wine are allowed as well as the alkaline diet. But the alcoholic beverages that contain gluten and rich in sugar such as beer and hard alcohol from grains is still prohibited.

So why we allowed drinking wine? Well, human ancestors maybe didn’t know how to brew wine and alcohol in the same ways as now. But, ancient people might have consumed alcoholic drinks from fermented fruits.

Is there any Paleo diet restricted beverage?

Any beverages with sugar added are not allowed on Paleo diet. The ancient people didn’t have access to crystalized sugar as we use it in a modern way. Soda and energy drinks are restricted too, as well as the brewed alcoholic beverages from grains. The entire dairy products are also prohibited on this diet, so you say goodbye to cow’s milk and cheese.


As we know, what you can drink on the Paleo diet besides water is not heavily strict. The most part of liquid intake as daily consumption should be plain water. For you who is a coffee or alcoholic drinker I think is hard enough to ditch those mood booster beverages. Though the moderate amount is still acceptable.

Focus and dedication to your diet plan, plus routine exercise to burn calories are the key to achieve a great result.