Why are Wisdom Teeth Called Wisdom for Their Name?

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Apart from the name, they often become a troublemaker if it has grown out abnormally. But, where did the name wisdom teeth come from?

There are last sets of molars teeth which grow when entering ages 17 to around 25. These sets of teeth since 17th century known as “teeth of wisdom”, and the name becomes “wisdom teeth” in about 19th century.

Humans have 2 sets of teeth in a lifetime. The first set is deciduous teeth or baby teeth or primary teeth which is starting to develop at ages of 6 months, until ages of 6 or 7. When children entering ages of 12, the usually had their primary teeth changed into permanent teeth.

While the permanent teeth, there are incisors, canine, and molars that develop until ages of 25. The wisdom teeth are a third molar sets that come out when all of the permanent teeth have fully grown.

What does “wisdom teeth” mean?

Because the last sets of the teeth come out when we entering ages of 17, there is a philosophical explanation how the names actually are given. At this stage, a person is starting to or already at a wise age. This is why wisdom teeth called “wisdom teeth”.

Why are wisdom teeth bad?

They actually not bad. It helps to chew hard foods along with adjacent molars. But, in a case when the growth of the teeth is misaligned against other teeth lining and impacted the jaw, then these so-called “wisdom” are going to bad.

Why are wisdom teeth so painful?

This is because when a tooth is growing in a shifting angel, they get stuck on the gum and can’t come fully or only parts of the tooth are popped out. Another cause is the misalignment that making a pressure against adjacent molars and the jaw, then lead to inflammation.

The symptoms are swelling, warm when touching, sharp toothache and even could getting worse at night. Not only that, it also comes along with other complication such as ear pain and a headache because of misbehaving wisdom teeth growth.

If this case happens, it is recommended to extract the wisdom teeth out through a surgical procedure. But if you get your teeth extraction, you should not worry. The oral surgeon is not removing a wise side of yours.

The teeth extraction surgery itself is not a terrifying thing. You can go home after the wisdom teeth removal procedure on the same day and enter a recovery period in about 2 weeks. I posted about the recovery tips to speed up your healing process. Also what to do and what not before the teeth removal procedure.

Some say about the spiritual meaning of wisdom teeth. Is that exist?

Although there are people who believe that having a wisdom tooth is a sign of spiritual-related explanation, but actually, it is just rumors. There is not a single proof and everyone has it, really common. The only explanation why are wisdom teeth called wisdom is just they grow in ages where a person entering a “wise” stage.