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The first thought about what are we thinking about the dental service is the price. So how much wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance?

Wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance is really pricey. Sadly, if the wisdom teeth grow abnormally, there is no other way around except to remove it.

Wisdom teeth also called the third set of molars, are the last set of teeth to grow in a person’s mouth, and usually appear when entering ages 17 until 30. Normally, there are four wisdom teeth sets. Each two are in upper and lower.


Is it necessary to remove the wisdom teeth?

If it grows normally, then it is not necessary. Except when wisdom teeth grow out at shifting angle or fail to pop up through the gums resulting in an impacted tooth, and this is where you need to remove it.

Many dentists do extractions by their self. But if the case of a severely impacted tooth, they may refer to a specialist such as an oral surgeon.

wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance 2018

How much the wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance?

The answer is it depends. The cost needed for wisdom tooth removal surgery may vary depending on your condition. As of 2018, the data gathered from several US dental clinic, you will find a range from a simple tooth extraction to the more complicated ones.

1. Simple extraction

  • A single extraction of a tooth will cost you about $75-$250. It includes local anesthetic.
  • Some dental clinic will offer you a package of removing all four sets of them in about $300-$900 and it may exceed $2000.
  • There is no surgical procedure if the wisdom teeth have fully popped up from the gums and only have simple tooth roots canal.

2. Extraction with an impacted tooth

  • For soft tissue impacted tooth, which is the tooth is partially buried in gums, will need a small surgical procedure. A single extraction cost range between $200-$500.
  • While bone impacted tooth, which is when the tooth that should appear above the gum is still encased in the jawbone due to misalignment growing, will cost you $300-$900 per single tooth. Depending on the condition.

3. Additional costs

There are varieties of the total cost you need. And this is related with the tooth condition or accompanying procedure. The surgery, however, needs most of the total cost.

The actual surgical procedure may charge you from 40%-50% of the total wisdom teeth removal. This makes the knowledge of the total cost to understand is important.

  • First examination cost range from free to $50.
  • Additional X-ray may need if the symptoms lead to the bone impacted tooth. It cost you about $60. And in the rare case, a CT scan may be needed and cost you $250-$600.
  • Anaesthetic through inhalation such as nitrous oxide may cost $50-150. Oral sedation may need roughly $250-$300, and intravenous sedation $500-$600.


Is there any way to lower the wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance?

Although the cost needed for wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance is high, The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research may help you find the dental care you need.

Until recently, there are also Community Health Centers, Medicaid, CHIP, The United Way, and the State and Local Resources to help you find also direct you to reduced cost of dental care. (Links below)

Many dental schools can be a good reference and delivering quality, and reduced-cost for dental service. They have clinics that allow dental students to gain practice by experience handling patients while providing dental service at a lower cost.

Although it seems scary, the experienced, and licensed dentists closely supervise the dental students when doing the procedure.

Another option is through a dental hygiene school. They may offer supervised, and a low-cost preventive dental care as the training experience for their students as well. You can check the source link below to find what you need.