Top 8 Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips to Speed Up the Process

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Although wisdom teeth proclaim good things by the name, in reality, they might cause discomfort in many patients. Try this wisdom teeth removal recovery tips to speed up the healing process.

Wisdom tooth grows at the posterior end of the molar row and usually do not break through the gum line until adulthood. Often you will find no more space in the jaw and the new growing tooth press on the adjacent molars abnormally.

This leads to a toothache because the teeth are growing in a shifting angel, getting stuck on the gum and can’t come through fully. In these cases, it is advisable to remove the wisdom teeth in a surgical procedure.

wisdom teeth removal recovery tips

How long does the pain occur after wisdom teeth extraction last?

It is normal for slow oozing of blood to persist for 1 or 2 days after the surgery. Having pain or discomfort feeling after tooth extraction is usually last for 24 48 hours, then it should subside in the following days. In many cases after the operation procedure, the pain may last up to 7 – 14 days.

Here are the wisdom teeth removal recovery tips you can try

1. Reduce activity

After the surgery, it is recommended to do enough resting and lower your activity. It will keep your heartbeat stable, so the blood pressure that flows to the head and the jaw is at a minimum.

2. Keep your head elevated

Rest and sleep with your head slightly elevated to keep the blood volume near the wound not getting higher. The higher blood pressure in the vessels, the more it pains. Do this with more pillows to sustain your upper back and neck when you sleep. After the pain gone in a 3 days or so, you can sleep normally.

3. Compress with ice

Make an icy towel or ice cube package to compress the cheek and jaw to minimize the swelling. The cooling sensation helps the nerves to momentarily ignore the pain while the recovery process is going.

4. Consume liquid foods

In the first day, if you cannot eat regular foods after teeth extraction, even it has been softened, try to drink liquid foods in a form of a smoothie. Blend the vegetables or fruits to make a nice smoothie to at least forgetting your pain.

Coconut water is a good source of liquid foods since it contains sugar as an energy source and keeps your body hydrated. Do this until your jaw are easy to move and you can eat soft foods.

5. Prevent dry socket

A small percentage of people after wisdom teeth removal experiencing dry sockets. This occurs when the blood clot that formed to protect the nerves after the extraction becomes dislodged. When this happens, food, saliva, and bacteria can become stuck in the clots place causing throbbing pain.

To prevent it, do not smoke or drink with a straw. The air suction could dislodge the blood clot. Also, avoid sticky foods or other foods that leaves leftover particles in your mouth.

6. Jaw massage

If the pain still exists after 3 days, try to do a cheek or jaw bone massage. Start from the back of your cheek, slightly above your jaw, in front of the ear on the pain side. Then, gently press and pull it down to the neck by your index fingers. Do this couple times until you feel relaxed. This will help the muscles to release its tension.

7. Use smooth toothbrush

Brush your teeth with a smooth toothbrush and gentle movement. Prioritized only front and the middle teeth. Although you can use a mouthwash, rinsing with salt water is safest and enough to get rid of the bacteria in the recovery process.

8. Use salt water

Rinsing your mouth gently with mixed salt water after eating and don’t gargle. Sip the water, and just roll in your mouth. Make the saline water by adding one-half of a teaspoon or 3 grams of salt in one glass or 240 milliliters of water then stir it. This is for mouth cleaning purpose.


Wisdom teeth removal recovery tips usually take up to 14 days. But the gum remodeling process that will cover the dental socket after the extraction normally takes up to 3 months. Therefore, the recovery process needs a slow and steady treatment. Be patient and the pain will eventually be gone.

If the bleeding and swelling won’t stop more than 3 days, consult to your dentist to get further medical advice.


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